The Process

1. First you must create an account with RLS. First go to, click on New Users - Create an account. and enter the basic information about yourself and your company, including your email address. You will be sent a password to that email address.

2. The next step is to logon to the system by entering your password. Then you will enter some information about the facility you are registering. This is a quick 10 step process. Most of the steps are optional so you can skip over them.

3. You will be offered the option of selecting RLS as your US Agent or you can enter the name of any other US Resident as your Agent. When you finish with the registration information, you can either go to the beginning and add another facility, you can choose to save the registration information for later, or you can choose to pay for your registration(s). Once this is completed and we receive your payment (by credit card, wire transfer, or check) your FDA Registration number will be issued, usually within one day, and we will send your Registration number and a Registration Certificate.

You will also receive an update reminder from us every other month. Following the links in the update email will link you to a new Certificate good for 60 days. This guarantees that you meet the FDA requirements and assures that you are always in compliance.

4. The cost for registering is $399.00 and the cost of using RLS as your US Agent is $250.00. The annual renewal fees are $150 to maintain the registration and $250 for the US Agent fee.

5. Should the FDA establish a new requirement after you have submitted information through RLS, we will contact you for the additional information.

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